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Dotm: Overtime looks pretty boss

Slender is awesome and this is so good!

GabrielBarsch responds:

long time no see ya, welcome back, and thanks for the 10 stars...oh shiny

The animation was really good and enjoyable. I liked how you used the MW3 striker and spas as weapons. Also the massive guns were cool.

The menu and preloader were really nice, the song was good but I hated people falling juanford66's parts, it was just unrealistic and annoying. My favourites were definetly BioSoldier167's zombie parts, they were awesome. Overall this was enjoyable and I wish I had more time so that I could of gave you a part.

Could be done much better

MBT you suck compared to lemmylime, its funny how you say your a good animator when you are awful. Lemmylime is was good in this animation. The title screen was crappy and would take 5 minutes to make. It would be nice to have a replay button at the end and how the hell are you supposed to read the writing at the bottom in a few seconds? Overall this was terrible and you only get 4 stars because of lemmylime (easily winning) and the sprites were correct.


This has a decent story, nice art at the pre-loader, cool characters and very well animated. The music was a bit weird and you wrote 'Junuary' at the start lol. Also I really think it is amazing how you managed to make this in 2 weeks. Hopefully it won't get zero-bombed again.

DIMB responds:

oh my mistake hehe, thanks


The animation was good and I liked the santa hat. The downside, ending was a boring and not that interesting and JeffBee's music was annoying and distracting. Hope all your dreams come true! lol

Tr3Yo responds:

hehe seems you are not that happy person, aren't you


This shouldn't have such high reviews. This wasn't amazing which a 10 is supposed to be. The clips were decent and smooth and some amusing, but i would of preferred them to play after each other like in a collab. I didn't notice anything different in 60FPS so there not much much point. But except from them this wasn't bad

Funny sound track

Ellvis is much better, but JeffBee is okay. This animation could be improved if we could see actual parts from both animators instead of just tests

Ellvis responds:

Yeah I know this is fail duel, we will have re- duel one time :) btw thanks.


Lol I remember you showing me this ages ago and it's great! This is definitely what you call an 'original' part.

LittleLuckyLink responds:

Oh shit, it's been a while, hello.

You better watch your back, because i'lll be chewing on it

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